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Located in the heart of the Redwood Empire, at the very center of Redwood National and State Parks, Trees of Mystery is California's premier nature attraction on the North coast! For over 65 years we have been educating, entertaining, and introducing visitors from the world over to this awe-inspiring natural treasure. Welcome to the California Redwoods!

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Paul’s Own Weather Forecast.

Paul Bunyan Is Our On-Site Weather Forecaster!

You can read the chart on the left if you want. But, many people are surprised to know that Paul Bunyan has mastered the scientific field of meteorology. On the other hand, it's pretty obvious that a person does learn a thing or two spending all of their time standing tall in the great outdoors. Here are Paul's big weather predictions for today:

Take a look at My Picture on The Web Cam Page.

  • Look at my boots, if they are WET, then I am predicting RAIN.
  • If the trees across the highway are bent either way, I predict it will be WINDY for a bit.
  • If everything is white, then SNOW is my forecast.
  • If the patch of sky you can see is blue then SUN is imminent, if the sky is white or dark grey, NO SUN at this time.
  • As a general rule around here, we will have periods of light followed by periods of dark extending on through the next millenia.
  • Please check back for your latest up-to-date weather forecast. All weather, all the time, all Paul!

(Please bear in mind that Paul grew up in a logging camp and has the typical sense of humor that most loggers have.)