Family Owned & Operated Since 1946

Located in the heart of the Redwood Empire, at the very center of Redwood National and State Parks, Trees of Mystery is California's premier nature attraction on the North coast! For over 65 years we have been educating, entertaining, and introducing visitors from the world over to this awe-inspiring natural treasure. Welcome to the California Redwoods!

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  • Sky Trail
  • Glide through the forest in an enclosed gondola and see spectacular views.
  • Trail of Taill Tales
  • Walk among the largest milled-redwood carvings in the world.
  • Kingdom of Trees
  • Explore the Trees of Mystery on The Kingdom of Trees Trail!
  • End of the Trail Museum
  • Journey into the lives of the first Americans through our collections of artifacts.
  • Wilderness Trail
  • Immerse yourself in the rugged beauty of our new Wilderness Trail.

Walking Among Giants!

Explore The Trees of Mystery Trails.

Native Americans called this "A place of spirits." Feel the same awe and wonder they felt hundreds of years ago walking in these woods. While the opportunity to soar over the tree tops that SkyTrail gondolas offer our visitors is indeed awesome and unique - there is still nothing quite like being at the foot of a giant to make you feel the shear mind-boggling immensity of these trees and our natural world.

Walking, Riding, Soaring...A Variety of Experiences await.

Most of our trails are an easy stroll. But, for those who might have some difficulty walking even the easiest trail, we have a FREE shuttle that can take you directly to Brotherhood Station where you can catch SkyTrail and still see plenty of mysterious trees along the way. Inquire at the front counter of the gift shop for this service. You may either ride to and from Brotherhood Station, or ride one way and walk the other. For everyone else, no special equipment or clothing is required for walking most of our trail system. The lone exception is our Wilderness Trail which might require some sturdy hiking shoes, reasonable and seasonably comfortable hiking clothes, and a little hiking experience.

How to See Them All and Not Miss Anything...

Entrance to the Trees of Mystery Trail System is in the courtyard in front of the gift shop. The trails start with the Kingdom of Trees section first - which ends at the Cathedral Tree. Then, a junction there leads to Forest Experience Trail, and beyond that Brotherhood Station, SkyTrail, and Wilderness Trail. Upon return from those, follow a loop back to the same junction and then on to the Trail of Tall Tales. When you finish all of that, exit to the gift shop and museum. As you can see there is really a lot to take in at Trees of Mystery.

Trees of Mystery Trail Facts:

Approximate lengths of the Trees of Mystery trail system: • Main Trail 0.8 mile • Wilderness Trail 1.0 mlie • SkyTrail 0.33 mile (one way)

The Kingdom of the Trees...

First up, and an easy walk, is The Kingdom of Trees Trail - which is dedicated to the majesty of nature and the natural resiliency of the Redwood and other tree species. Extraordinary specimens of Coastal Redwood, Sitka Spruce and Douglas Fir are highlighted along the way with informational displays and audio presentations. This area is home to one of the most majestic trees of all, the Cathedral Tree, nine living trees growing as one in a natural cathedral formation. Here you will be overwhelmed by unusual trees adapting in fantastic ways to be among the oldest living things on the planet. For more information about Redwood trees click here.

Forest Experience Trail...

A little further up the hillside and still a moderately easy walk, is yet another informative and in-depth part of our trail system. The Forest Experience Trail contains many interpretive signs with little known redwood facts, as well as the largest tree on the property, the Brotherhood Tree. Also along the trail is the Towering Inferno, a tree that was struck by lightning in 1996 and thereafter was consumed from the inside by fire. Picnic tables and restrooms are located at the beginning of this trail, and Brotherhood Station, the SkyTrail embarkation point, is also accessible from this trail. For more information about SkyTrail click here.

The Wilderness Trail (Optional)...

Those modestly prepared for an actual hike will enjoy the somewhat greater outback ruggedness of our Wilderness Trail. The trail starts at the top of Ted's Ridge (at the upper terminus of the SkyTrail ride) and proceeds approximately a mile (mostly downhill) through the wildest section of the Trees of Mystery property. The Wilderness Trail is an optional way down the mountain for experienced hikers with proper footwear. If you are not especially dressed for hiking in the woods, or found some of our other trails even slightly challenging, we recommend trying it some other time when you are better prepared. If prepared for the trek, your adventure will be rewarded with a wilder view of this forest as it has stood for eons. Trail is subject to closure depending on weather conditions. To check Local Weather click here.

Finally, The Trail of Tall Tales...

It's impossible to escape noticing our official greeter, Paul Bunyan, the moment you pull into our parking lot. He is indeed a "big presence" at Trees of Mystery. One of the first trails you'll encounter here, and a very easy saunter indeed, is our Trail of Tall Tales - which is devoted "largely" to the outsized exploits, tales, and adventures of you know who (the big man himself) Paul Bunyan. He, Babe the Blue Ox, and many other characters from forest lore and legend are depicted in carvings done with chainsaws on huge, milled redwood timbers and slabs. Time spent here is an opportunity for old-fashioned humor, childlike imagination, and an appeal for simpler times. And after all who, young or old, doesn't love a good tall tale?

At The End of The Trails...

After all this walking and hiking around, enjoy our gift shop and make sure to view our free End of the Trail Museum - where, in six rooms you can journey into the lives of the First Americans and contemplate their resourcefulness in one of the largest private collections of Native American artifacts in the world. Showcased are actual clothing, pottery, baskets, weapons and tools that enabled these remarkable cultures to thrive. For more information about The End of The Trail Museum Click here

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